Medical Insurance
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Medical Insurance
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When the time comes to choose health benefits for clients and their families, what counts is how well a group plan accommodates individual personal needs. MANN INSURANCE can provide a wide array of health insurance choices that can help provide proper coverage for our policyholders. We provide options to choose the plan and types of coverage needed from leading health insurance companies, without the hassles of eligibility and enrollment matters.

Often times, clients can become overwhelmed with acquiring health insurance policies thus in keeping with the MANN INSURANCE promise of ease, we have explained below a few important terms that clients will come across when purchasing health insurance.

Policyholders agree to use a specific team of healthcare professionals. In most cases, the policyholder selects one doctor from a list of members who will serve as the primary care physician. This physician now coordinates the policyholder’s healthcare which entails direct treatment, and when necessary, manages referrals to specialists. The only exception to foregoing a visit with the primary care physician is for visits to an OB/GYN or in an emergency.

In most cases, the policyholder has the ability to use any doctor or facility of choice, although benefits are higher when a physician or facility is used that belongs to the chosen PPO organization. All doctors and hospitals within a PPO network have agreed to accept a discounted fee for their services from the plan.

HSA Programs
Health Savings Accounts are the most misunderstood programs in the health industry. MANN INSURANCE takes the guesswork out of these products. We believe that by allowing our customers the same kind of information usually reserved for insurance professionals we are giving them the opportunity to learn the same information available to our industry.

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