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Back in 1999 Mann Insurance was given the exclusive endorsement by the AESF (American Electroplaters & Surface Finishers Society) for all lines of coverage for their 6,000 members nationwide.  After that Jack Mann ramped up a national program with the assistance of Barb Hodges @ Mann Insurance.  Together this program put on over $1,800,000 in 18 months.  Writing business with Auto Owners, Westport, and various other carriers this proved to be a profitable book of business.  By assuring that metal finihshing shops did not have electric immersion heaters that had the ability to be tampered with.  That is to say there is a low level control circut breaker on the actual immersion heater.  Mann Insurance made a mandatory underwriting assessment which forced metal finishers to purchase a electric immersion heater with a plastic injection molded circut breaker.  Therefore it was TAMPER PROOF.  If employees tried to open it up, the unit was forever broken.  This is how Mann Insurance began writing metal finishing job shops, with absolute integrity and authority.

Over the years the insruance climate changed and Jack Mann had to do what was best for customers - refer them to someone who could write the business.  That is exactly what he did with Reliable Plating, thus giving them the best solution for their needs.  Jim Greenwell at Reliable was put in the best place at the time. 

Jack Mann wrote the insurance for Reliable Plating in Chicago, IL in 2001.  After writing the insurance Jack Mann chose to reccomend quite a few changes for the customer.  The most important reccomendation ever made was for the client to hire a firm to come through their facilities to assure the correct REPLACEMENT COST was in place for their commercial property insurance. 

After the firm found out what the actual REPLACEMENT COSTS were, Jack Mann figured out what the potential loss for DEBRIS REMOVAL would be in the event of a loss.  Based on the number of gallons of chemicals, caustics, acids there would be a lot of debris costs after a loss.  Once the cost of debris removal is approximated Jack Mann found out a way to cover all of the buildings, contents, and debris removal without the threat of a coinsurance penalty. 

In 2005 Jack Mann no longer had a competitive market for metal finishing job shops.  Jack then directed the owners of Reliable Plating in Chicago to another direct writer.  After the direct writer wrote the account for a year or so Reliable moved to another insurance brokerage.  The principles were still in place as Jack Mann instructed Reliable Plating to maintain the level of coverage, the property insurance form, and the coinsurance being taken out of the picture.

On October 23, 2008 the work Jack Mann did with his former client came to be an amazing meeting of proper insurance advice and a horrible catastrophe:

Extra-Alarm Fire Destroys Warehouse

Investigation Into Cause Delayed Due To Chemicals Inside

 SLIDESHOW: Lake Street Warehouse Fire

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Reported by CBS 2's Mai Martinez and Kris Habermehl
CHICAGO (CBS) - Chicago firefighters were still on the scene late Monday morning after a fire destroyed a warehouse on the Near West Side.

The fire broke out in the early morning hours in the warehouse belonging to Reliable Plating, at 1514 W. Lake St.

Firefighters were called to the scene around 4 a.m., and while the fire was considered to be under control slightly over an hour later, it took firefighters several hours to battle the 3-11 alarm blaze.

Shortly after firefighters were notified, an alarm system summoned the company's owner and manager.

"They don't know how it started," said manager Coult Greenwall. "They say maybe when they investigate it they may be able to determine how it started."

Business owner James Greenwall said when he was notified, he was told, " There's a problem at the building. There's a fire. Looks like it's pretty extensive."

The Greenwalls said the plant specializes in electroplating, and also provides chrome plating for such companies as Harley-Davidson and Mercury Marine.

A witness at a nearby business said the fire spread very quickly.

Witness Gerald Sorensen said he saw "big flames, and then the walls started falling down. First the west wall fell, and then the back wall fell, and the roof collapsed. So then the flames went real high."

A witness said firefighters tried to make their way into the building when the roof collapsed.

Firefighters said initially, there were concerns that the blaze might spread to a joining business, but a firewall between the two businesses prevented that.

No one was injured in the fire.

But as a precaution, the Green Line 'L' was closed for a period of time between California Avenue and Clark and Lake streets. The line was later reopened, but the Ashland stop was kept closed as firefighters battled the blaze.

By 5:30 a.m., the fire was more than 90 percent contained, but hazardous materials crews had to be brought in to deal with chemicals used and stored at the plating facility. The chemicals included known corrosives.

Later in the day, "They'll be taking meter readings, and they'll find out if we can get in the building later on to see if any of the chemicals were compromised - meaning spillage - or actually on fire to that degree," said Fire Deputy District Chief John Nokes.

Reliable Plating has been in the building for more than 60 years. Chemicals are used and stored there, and because of their likely involvement in the fire, investigators have yet to get in to work on determining the cause. The investigation into the fire is expected to take days.

Reliable Plating Fire Chicago



WOW!!!!  After the fire Jack Mann called the owner of Reliable Plating as a friend to see if there was anything he could do, even though he did not insure the building that caught fire.  It seemed that the owner was a bit upset when Jack Mann received a call back.  Upon getting the call back Jack was asked to meet the owner in the building that did not burn the next morning. 

After careful review Jack Mann informed the owners of Reliable Plating that hiring an outside adjustor would not be needed.  Jack Mann also stated that the work done years before would make sure that this loss was well taken care of.  Also Jack Mann reccomended that there be a "revision" of the replacement cost numbers from the firm that did the original "costimator".  Jack Mann assured the owner that there was not a need to hire an independent adjustor, and the claim should be a smooth process.

The claim was smooth, the facility was cleaned up, and the operation was rebuilt in a different building.  The customer is very happy, and the customer feels Jack Mann did the correct work for Reliable Plating in Chicago.

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